“We first came to Africa many years ago, that was when we fell in love with your beautiful continent” schami begins to share his story. “Rita and I have always been adventurous and each year would explore the many wonders of the world, this is what led us here. We have been travelling for over 20 years.” He says.

Schami and Rita Niggs are Swiss by birth and African by choice . They have travelled the African continent in their Land Rover Defender since 2014. They came to Africa in 2013 through Djibouti and have been to nine other countries before they came to Zambia. “ The African people are warm and friendly, that is not to say that we have not met our share of unsavory people but generally we have enjoyed our stay and loved the rich and diverse cultures that Africa has to offer the world” Schami tells me.

This is their sixth land Rover and it has been their home since 2014. They have modified it a little to make it comfortable for them as they travel around the continent. I ask them how they have managed to service their vehicle and they tell me that Land Rover has a footprint everywhere in Africa. “We simply go to the land rover Africa website and it tells us where we need to go” Schami Says. “We’re not lost; we just don’t know where we are” He chuckles.